Projects vary in complexity.  

As the magnitude and coordination requirements increase, so the does the need for knowledge, experience, and current education in project management methodologies and techniques.  No one wants their project to go off the rails or for costs to spiral out of control.

Let us apply our project management skills and credentials to your project to ensure its success. 

  • Foundations and foundation repair
  • Overland flooding risk mitigation 
  • Landscaping and grading
  • Underground utility duct placement
  • Driveways



light industrial

  • Horizontal boring (4" and 6", to 60')
  • Catch basin repair and regrading
  • Drainage channels and erosion control
  • Underground utility duct placement
  • Ditch cleanout


Warm weather has arrived!  Thoughts have turned to spring projects.

How is your property drainage?  Do you need a few cubic yards of topsoil delivered to level-out the yard or create a garden for some homegrown vegetables?  And what of that renovation work you have contemplated all winter - perhaps some demolition and removal to clear the way for you to start on that building project you would like to complete yourself?

Why not repair an existing driveway or parking lot sooner rather than later or we can build a new one for your starting with a proper and long-lasting 'base'?

Need an excavator to do some of the work?  We have both a mini and a full-size machine to ensure that the 'right' size is used on your project - for efficiency, cost, and safety!  Trying to make use of the wrong size of machine for the required task can lead to various problems and increased costs!

Ensure your project is a 'one-time' project by having RADE Construction complete it properly.


  • Site preparation
  • Parking lots, including asphalt repair
  • Catch basin repair and installation
  • Concrete imaging and core drilling
  • Demolition and excavating in Sarnia